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AC/DC Motors, Reducers and Accuators

AC / DC Motors, Reducers and Accuators

The motor and mechanical gearing play a very important part in most process systems today. If the motor is not selected properly it can negatively effect the results of any Control and Automation upgrade. We understand this at AIC and are very careful when it comes to specifying and selecting motors used on a project.. Correct application of a motor/reducer requires more than just knowing the HP, speed and voltage these days. Applying AC induction motors on AC drives involves careful consideration of the load characteristics, standing wave, Corona and shaft current phenomena. Equally important on retrofit projects is working to insure that the new system will electrically and mechanically deliver what is required. As well as, insuring that the package will fit easily into the existing footprint . We are also well versed in converting from existing DC systems to AC systems.

High performance servo applications often require that we size the system (drive/motor/reducer) in order to meet the high dynamic performance required on most servo applications. We need to take many things into consideration including system inertia’s and friction, move profiles, load profiles, environment and duty-cycle in order to insure the system performs as required.

We work with most of the leading manufacturers of AC, DC motor as well as reducers including: Siemens, Emerson, ABB/Baldor, Marathon, Nidec (US motors), Regal Beloit, Apex Dynamics and Stober.

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