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BarCode/RFID/Vision System Development

BarCode / RFID / Vision System Development

Bar code, RFID and vision systems are rapidly gaining acceptance in industry today. These technologies are working their way into many different industries including Automotive, Building Products, Converting, Food & Beverage, Material Handling, Mining and Minerals, Pharmaceutical, Plastics & Rubber, Printing, and Woodworking.

In the case of vision systems, they are being used on applications (within the above industries) including: part Identification, defect detection, presence/absence detection, measurement, positioning, counting and inspection.

In the case of bar code and RFID they are being used on applications including: tracking production, inventory control, tracking product and lot numbers and quantity numbers.

Leveraging these technologies can dramatically improve productivity and product quality thereby reducing waste and labor hours. AIC engineers and technicians are experts at designing, installing and servicing these systems. We have experience with all the applications in most of the industries we focus in. We have worked with many of the leading suppliers of these technologies including Siemens, Cognex, Turck, Sick and Zebra.

Advanced Industrial Control is your one-stop source for Bar Code, RFID and Vision systems.