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HMI/SCADA Development

HMI / SCADA Development

Plant floor control, data display and collection are essential to safe, just-in-time production. AIC will work with you to determine your specific data requirements from operations management to the factory floor operators. We will design a system that works for you.

By employing batch control, recipe management and production planning you can improve your process, maximize productivity and minimize downtime. We will help you design an HMI that helps identify operational problems, provides centralized real-time control, gathers data, improves quality, provides real-time and historical trending, provides recipes for quick machine set-up, and allows for remote access if desired.

We have experience programming many different vendor’s HMI products including: AB’s PanelView, Siemen’s Simatic Panels, ABB’s Panel 800 series, Red Lion’s G3 and Graphite series, GE’s QuickPanel and Rx-i displays to name a few.

We have worked with many leading edge SCADA packages including; Rockwell-RSView, Siemens-WinCC, Intellution-Fix, GE Fanuc-Cimplicity, Wonerware-Intouch, USData-FactoryLink to name a few.

Advanced Industrial Control is your one-stop source for PLC based control systems.