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Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Unexpected production interruptions is not tolerable in today’s business environment of just-in-time delivery and increased productivity demands. Infrared Thermography (IR) surveys are an important tool in your fight to keep your facility safe and running without interruption.

The amount of temperature rise over normal operating temperature provides a good indicator of the severity of a problems both electrical and mechanical.

Electrical problems identified include : loose connections, poor contacts, overloading, capacitor breakdowns, unbalanced loads, blocked cooling or inadequate cooling systems, motor/transformer insulation breakdown

Mechanical problems identified include : overheated bearings, excessive roller friction, problems with cooling, lubrication or refrigeration systems, broken or defective valves, worn or defective gears.

Studies have shown that on average eight or more electrical problems are detected per IR survey. More importantly four of these eight are serious to critical. The typical cost savings from preventing failures and downtime resulting from these four critical problems is over $7,000.

AIC Field service engineers and technicians are fully trained in IR Thermography and conducting site surveys. They carry powerful thermal camera’s and will provide you a complete and detailed report after every survey along with remediation recommendations.

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