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PC Based System Development

PC Based System Development

The lines between PLC control and Industrial PC (IPC) based control are beginning to blur. Most existing factory floor automation has the PLC at the heart of the system. PLC’s have dominated this control segment since the early 1970’s.

There is a growing move away from traditional PLC based system and towards PC-Based systems. This has been driven by ever increasing power of industrial PC’s, reduction in PC costs, new safety and security functions, increased PC robustness, increased levels of PC hardware integration and expandability, improved serviceability and more powerful, but simplified programming environments like IEC1131-3 and C/C++/.NET.

The ultimate decision about which platform to use is still complicated and requires a full understanding of the final automation requirements, operator and maintenance capability and an assesment of the critical criteria mentioned above.

AIC has experience with both PLC and PC based systems and can help you make that critical platform decision. We have worked with many of the leading suppliers of Industrial PC platforms including; Siemens, ABB, Beckhoff and Bosch Rexroth to name a few.

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