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Servo Motors, Reducers and Actuators

Servo Motors, Reducers and Actuators

High performance servo applications often require that we size the system (drive/motor/reducer) in order to meet the high dynamic performance required on most servo applications. We need to take many things into consideration including system inertia’s, friction, move and load profiles, environment and duty-cycle in order to insure the system performs as required.

When selecting the correct motor on servo applications mechanical interface issues also have to be taken into consideration. Things like mounting plate configuration, shaft size and design. These things are critical when trying to retrofit a different servo motor into an existing application. A large part of AIC’s servo business involves retrofitting new servo drives and motors in place of older hard to maintain servo installations.

We work with most of the leading manufacturers of Servo motors as well as low backlash servo reducers and actuators including: Emerson, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Kollmorgan, Parker-Hannifan Apex Dynamics and Stober, Exlar, Thompson, .

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