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Barcode / RFID / Vision Systems

Barcode, RFID and vision systems are rapidly gaining acceptance in manufacturing automation. These technologies are working their way into many different industries including automotive, building products, converting, food & beverage, material handling, mining and minerals, pharmaceutical, plastics & rubber, printing, and woodworking.

Vision Systems

Vision systems are being used improve quality or automate production. Vision systems can perform complex or mundane repetitive tasks with high-speed accuracy and consistency. Errors or deviations in the manufacturing process are quickly detected reducing waste and minimizing downtime.

Vision applications include:

  • Part identification
  • Defect detection
  • Presence/absence detection
  • Measurement
  • Positioning
  • Counting
  • Inspection
  • Palletizing
  • Liquid dispensing
  • Welding
  • Pick-and-place robot guidance

Barcode and RFID

Barcode and RFID solutions offer a host of financial benefits for automated manufacturing, including better control of inventory, increased visibility throughout the supply chain, serialization, just-in-time manufacturing, and better decision-making due to more accurate and timely manufacturing data.

In addition, product genealogy data can be aggregated into a database that lives with the product throughout its entire lifecycle. A complete history can be attached to each product to assist with minimizing warranty risk and optimizing the efficiency of a possible recall.

Barcode and RFID applications include:

  • Real-time tracking of production
  • Inventory control – quantity and location
  • Serialization (tracking product lot numbers and quantities)
  • Pallet-level, case-level and item-level tagging

Leveraging these technologies can dramatically improve productivity and product quality thereby reducing waste and labor hours. AIC engineers and technicians are experts at designing, installing and servicing these systems. We have experience with all the applications in most of the industries we focus in. We have worked with many of the leading suppliers of these technologies including Siemens, Cognex, Turck, Sick and Zebra.

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